Chen Medical

Chen Medical increases carrying capacity by 30 percent using TomTom to plan routes

Chen Medical has been providing primary care medical services to residents of southern Florida for more than 25 years. The company has eight offices, more than 30 board certified physicians, and a team of more than 300 health care providers working with patients of all ages. The company also uses the latest technologies to provide the highest standards of care. From E Med Rec - its proprietary digital medical records system - to a range of the latest tablets, smartphones, and laptops, Chen Medical has embraced technology to improve service and clinical outcomes.

Planning for a typical day begins 48 hours in advance, when Garneff and his team begin to route patient pick-ups, assigning each driver more than 20 patient transports. The day before the actual pick-up, Garneff takes the schedules for each of the 12 trucks, and uses the TomTom PRO 7150 to calculate the fastest routes to help drivers save time spent on the road. The PRO 7150 features traffic updates that help drivers avoid traffic delays and TomTom IQ Routes, which evaluates routes based on actual traffic speeds rather than posted speed limits. It also is able to recommend the fastest route for any particular time of day.

The ability to get our drivers to patients more efficiently and to follow an open route has allowed us to increase our carrying capacity about 30 percent. We are now transporting 9-to-11 patients per trip in 1.5 hours, said Garneff. Before the TomTom implementation a driver was only able to transport five-to-six people in 1.5 hours. In a few short months, we have seen a dramatic decrease in time on the road for our patients, more efficient travel for our drivers and cost savings for our company.

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