What is CURFER?

Powerful real-time visualisations

Visualise your driving behaviour

TomTom CURFER allows you to visualise your driving style in real-time. The concept is as elegant as it is simple. There are four key aspects to keep an eye on:

  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Idling

Each of these is displayed on your TomTom CURFER dashboard as a segment of a circle. Each segment changes its colour while you drive and depending on how you are doing. Naturally, green is great while red is dreadful.

Powerful real-time visualisations

Trip Analyser

Recap your driving performance on an interactive map to improve your acceleration, cornering and braking behaviour. Easily identify flaws on colour-coded routes and check specific event markers to gain insights on how to improve your score.

Furthermore, choose among additional parameters to review a variety of aspects such as:

  • Speed
  • Engine rpm
  • Tank fuel level
  • Barometric pressure
  • and many more …
Advanced analytics & statistics

Advanced statistics

In addition to real-time visualisations and recommendations on the move, TomTom CURFER also allows you to recap your driving data afterwards.

Compare statistics with previous periods to see how your driving performance develops over time. Look at your overall score or zoom in on selected key aspects.

Recapping your performance is valuable for optimising your driving skills. Besides, some statistics will probably be really surprising.

Additional car data

Analyse your engine

Check details from under the hood and access additional car data via the OBD interface, such as:

  • Battery voltage
  • Exhaust temperature
  • Coolant temperature
  • Air pressure
  • and many more …

It’s like a health check-up, but for your car.

Badge collection

Badge collection

Are you a Cruiser or a Night Owl? Badges reflect your driving style. Besides, it’s fun to earn, collect and share them. Sample badges offered by TomTom CURFER are for example:

  • Road Warrior
  • Trip Maker
  • Smooth and Easy
  • Car Sweet Home
  • and many more …

The only question is: can you get them all?

Curfing & sharing

Share with your friends

First and foremost, TomTom CURFER is about you and your best buddy on the move. But it’s also about you and your friends.

Maximise your curfing experience by sharing badges and driving statistics via e-mail, message or social media. Connect with friends to compare driving styles and see who is best.

Functions & features at a glance

CURFER App  Download

The TomTom CURFER app is completely free – no price tag or any in-app purchases. Download it from the Apple App Store or on Google Play™.

TomTom CURFER uses a TomTom LINK 100 dongle to connect your car and smartphone, which is available here. To use the TomTom CURFER app, at least an iPhone 4S with iOS 8.3 or an Android smartphone with OS 4.0.4, Bluetooth and mobile Internet are required.

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google play

How does it work?

1. Mobile App

Download the CURFER app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Enjoy digital driving

2. Dongle

Install the CURFER dongle into the standard OBD port in your car. The car dongle can be bought here.

Installing the LINK 100

3. Connected Car

Your car is now connected! When you drive, the CURFER dongle connects with the mobile app via Bluetooth and delivers your driving data right to your phone.

Enjoy digital driving

Does TomTom CURFER work with my car?

Please choose your car

Please note: To use TomTom CURFER, an OBD interface in your car is required. If your car has an OBD interface but is not listed in the dropdown menus, it is not yet approved for TomTom CURFER. We are continuously expanding test coverage so please visit us again in the near future. TomTom CURFER is not compatible with hybrid electric and full electric vehicles.

Great news: TomTom CURFER works with your car!

Get your TomTom LINK 100 dongle to connect your car with your smartphone here.

Great news: TomTom CURFER works with your car!

Make sure to get your TomTom LINK 100 with extension cable to connect your car with your smartphone here.

We are sorry: TomTom CURFER does not work with your car …

Unfortunately, your car does not support the OBD interface which is required for installing the LINK 100 dongle.

Get your TomTom CURFER

LINK 100

CURFER – TomTom LINK 100

This standard version works for most passenger cars built after 2004. Make sure you check compatibility with your car here.

LINK 100 inkl. Verlängerungskabel

CURFER – TomTom LINK 100
with extension cable

Some cars require an extension cable for connecting the LINK 100 dongle. Use the compatibility check here to find out if your car needs one.

We keep your data safe

We keep your data safe

Your information is stored in the EU, governed by European data protection laws. TomTom applies security methods based on industry standards to protect your information against unauthorised access, while stored and while being transmitted. For details, check out our data privacy policy.