NEMTDispatch increases efficiency by more than 60%, improves driver behavior and provides patients with a safer and more pleasant experience using TomTom Telematics.

In addition to managing the general logistics involved in picking up and dropping off patients on time, the NEMT team must also balance ever-changing schedules, traffic, and other challenges that may arise in the course of the day.

TomTom proactively notifies us of what’s going on – taking the guesswork out of the equation,” said Scott West, NEMTDispatch's CEO. “We receive alerts that tell us, for example, that the driver has dropped someone off and his ETA to his net pick-up is 14 minutes. If someone calls to ask when they will be picked up, I don’t have to guess, or call the driver. I can log into WEBFLEET and get a definitive answer for them.

Focusing on the patient experience drives NEMTDispatch’s focus on superior service. The company has tapped the latest technologies to manage the complicated logistics of getting patients where they need to be, and coordinating these schedules. Implementing DispatchBot, which is integrated with WEBFLEET, has helped save time on the road and improve the health care delivery process for NEMTDispatch's patients. “We’re moving up to 300 patients a day and need to be efficient. We also need to make sure they are safe, so we needed a solution that could help us achieve a level of excellence in both areas,” said West.

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