Lexus Leicester Ltd

Situated in a state of-the-art Lexus Centre in Leicester, Lexus Leicester is part of the Sytner Group, the UK's largest prestige motor dealer group. Lexus Leicester operates a busy aftersales department which prepares vehicles for sales and customer loans, and services customers' vehicles on a yearly/10,000 mile basis.

As a key function, the aftersales team is responsible for the collection and delivery of customers' cars and some of the vehicles sold through the sales team. It also uses company pool cars to carry out jobs such as collecting tax discs.

We have one full-time driver supported by other members of the aftersales team to carry out deliveries. We needed a system that could track each vehicle and dispatch messages and addresses, rather than call them, says Workshop Controller Emma Beadman, who is responsible for this area of Lexus Leicester's operations.

The search for a solution to Lexus Leicester's need for a system which could track vehicles, provide satellite navigation and be flexible enough to transfer between vehicles led Emma to the TomTom GO 9000 unit, known as the Compact solution. The off-the-shelf, standalone unit is as easy to fit and operate as TomTom's award-winning consumer sat navs yet has all the business features drivers and office staff need to make the team more effective. With drivers changing vehicles two or three times a day, the GO 9000's flexibility was the key to Emma's selection.

The unit gets swapped from car to car on a daily basis so the driver keeps the sat nav head unit on them at all times, says Emma. And, as different employees use the unit, ease of use has been an important feature of the GO 9000.

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