Start driving with the latest map

Roads are always changing. TomTom keeps your map up-to-date right from the start. Connect via Wi-Fi* and download the latest map with all updates** to the road network, addresses and Points of Interest.

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Get the latest speed camera locations

Feel more relaxed while driving, with alerts for speed cameras ahead. These timely warnings increase driver awareness of local speed limits. Save money on speeding fines and increase safety on the road. Connect via Wi-Fi* and download the latest speed camera locations on your TomTom PRO.

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Latest generation TomTom PRO supports updates via Wi-Fi

The latest generation TomTom PRO devices support map and software updates via Wi-Fi* to make updating as simple and as easy as possible. Updates via SD card are also available, and are recommended if you want to update a large amount of devices.

TomTom PRO 8 Series

Our flagship driver terminals, TomTom PRO 8270 and TomTom PRO 8275, can either be updated via Wi-Fi or via SD card. For updates via Wi-Fi, connect your device to a network and press the “Software update” in the home screen of your device. The latest software and map will be offered to you. Should you want to update your devices via SD card you can download the necessary content in the Mobile Device Manager. For more information regarding updates via SD card please contact your TomTom Telematics reseller.

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* Wi-Fi updates are available on the TomTom PRO x350/827x.

** To update multiple devices, particularly large fleets, we recommend contacting your TomTom Telematics reseller.