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About cookies

A cookie is a text file placed on your computer, mobile device or device connected to your computer.

Cookies allow the TomTom Telematics website to remember things about you and your device, including:

  • Remembering your language setting
  • Remembering your username
  • Software upgrades
  • Map downloads
  • Retrieving the configuration details of your device and WEBFLEET

TomTom websites and services need to be able to store and retrieve information using cookies to provide you with the service or information you asked for. This storage and retrieval of information only happens when you use such a service.

Cookies are the main method used but sometimes information is stored and retrieved using other technologies, such as file transfer and Web API’s (Web Application Programming Interfaces) e.g. when you attach a TomTom device to your computer.

When you visit our website, we collect information about how you use it. This information is stored on your computer in a file called a cookie. See “What are cookies?” if you would like to learn more about what cookies are.

The information we collect includes information about whether you came to our website via a search engine, or by some other method, and what were the most popular elements of the website. Collecting this information allows us to improve the website, making it easier and faster for you to use. It also helps us to make it easier for people to find our website.

When you visit our website, this information will be collected. There are other types of cookies that enable us to personalize and add functionality to the website for you. You can choose to turn these on or off in the Cookie Settings below.

On some of the websites pages, you will find social media sharing buttons. They allow you to easily share TomTom pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. When you share a page in this way, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can use their own cookies to track your activity. TomTom has no control over any data that these social media websites collect.

Online chat

Our website offers you the possibility to contact us using our online chat service free of charge and in real time. For this purpose, cookies are processed which allow for an analysis of the use of our website. Data storage enables us to reference your previous chat communications, and provide an extended level of service for your inquiries.

TomTom Telematics uses the chat software provided by Userlike UG in Germany in order to facilitate a secure conversation with our support teams. TomTom Telematics has engaged into a contract with Userlike that limits your information for use only by TomTom Telematics and not by UserLike for any other purpose.

Contact methods

You can contact us directly using the secure online chat service or via the telephone numbers provided in the chat tool. Data such as IP Address, Name & Email, URL referrer, Page impressions, Operating System, Date of Chat, Chat history and duration are collected.


All data collected by our secure service provider for the purpose of providing this service are stored for 90 days. TomTom Telematics does not store this data, and only uses reports provided by Userlike UG.