TomTom Remote LINK Logbook

Remote LINK Logbook

The remote control for mileage registration

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Remote LINK Logbook

The more miles your vehicles travel, the more they cost you. So in business, every mile needs to be accounted for.

The TomTom Remote LINK Logbook is a remote control device that lets you see exactly how your fleet vehicles are being used. Employees just click a button to register a journey as personal, commuting or business mileage, helping you monitor the number and nature of miles driven.

Filling in manual travel records can be frustrating and time-consuming. But with this innovation from TomTom, record-keeping is much easier.

Get an accurate, real-time record

Get accurate information on your vehicles' movements and mileage, in real time.

Integrate data with maintenance and billing systems

Integrate data with your fleet maintenance and billing systems, reducing the time and money spent on administration.

Identify cost-cutting opportunities

Identify cost-cutting opportunities by monitoring travel and trip patterns across the business.

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