TomTom LINK 310 front (angle)


Fleet managers need a cost-effective way to stay in close contact with dispersed vehicles. Enter the TomTom LINK 310. It connects the vehicle to the office, giving you a permanent communication channel with everyone on the road. The LINK 310 is your permanent connection to your vehicles on the road, you can track your fleet in real time, 24/7, from your PC.

 This product is not available anymore. Please have a look in our products section to get to know the latest products.


TomTom offers a range of complementary products to the TomTom LINK. You can add additional value to the TomTom LINK with the following accessories.

TomTom ecoPLUS™

Are you looking for a smart way to save fuel?

With LINK 105 you get real-time view of the fuel efficiency of every vehicle in your fleet, also showing where and when the fuel was wasted. As environmental regulations tighten, the race is on for companies to prove their Corporate Social Responsibility by lowering their CO2 emissions LINK 105 helps you achieve that, this isn't just good for the environment it can also benefit your bottom line.

TomTom Remote LINK Working Time

The TomTom Remote LINK Working Time is designed to track the working hours of individuals and groups travelling in your company cars, trucks and vans. Employees just use the remote control to register the moment they start work, take a break or head for home. So you end up with an accurate record of everyone's working hours, not just the driver's.

TomTom Remote LINK Logbook

The TomTom Remote LINK Logbook is a remote control device that lets you see exactly how your fleet vehicles are being used. Employees just click a button to register a journey as personal, commuting or business mileage, helping you monitor the number and nature of miles driven.

TomTom External GPS Antenna

If you've installed your TomTom LINK 310 in a place where GPS reception for the integrated GPS-antenna of the TomTom LINK is obstructed, you can use the external GPS antenna from TomTom. It comes with a 2.5 m cable, so that you can also easily attach it to the outside of the vehicle.