TomTom PRO

The perfect companion for your mobile workforce

The perfect companion for your mobile workforce, the TomTom PRO all-in-one device is designed to help drivers work smarter. And a more flexible workforce means happy customers. Designed for professional use, the TomTom PRO range can be used as standalone navigational devices, and for complete fleet management when connected to WEBFLEET.

Which TomTom PRO is best for my business?

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  • All-in-one solution
  • Portable navigation and tracking device, can be moved from vehicle to vehicle
  • Privacy controls allow drivers to switch off vehicle tracking when off duty
  • Ideal for leased vehicles, subcontractors, temporary vehicles or workers

PRO 5350 PRO 5350 TRUCK 

Vehicle centric

Vehicle centric

  • Never miss a vehicle movement when used with the fixed installed tracking device, LINK
  • OptiDrive 360 Driving behaviour reporting and real-time Active Driver Feedback
  • Optional add-on OBD II plug for fuel efficiency management and OptiDrive 360
  • For any fleet or business

PRO 7350 PRO 7350 TRUCK 



  • 7" ruggedised driver terminal
  • Open platform to add your business apps on the PRO
  • Customisable; create your own workflows
  • With built-in camera
  • Ideal for service and transport fleets

PRO 8275 PRO 8275 TRUCK 

New: PRO 2020 entry level driver terminal

Driver ID, Logbook, Work Time and Driver Behaviour Feedback

TomTom PRO 2020 - Driving view

PRO 2020

Extend to your entire fleet for greener, safer and more efficient drivers.

Learn more about the PRO 2020 
Best-in-class navigation

Best-in-class navigation
Arrive on time and stress free

TomTom PRO comes with Lifetime Maps, so your mobile workforce always drives with the latest map. IQ Routes provides the fastest routes and most accurate ETAs. Plus spoken instructions and speed camera alerts mean fewer distractions, so drivers can keep their eyes on the road.

TomTom Traffic

TomTom Traffic
Proven to be the fastest route.*

The TomTom Traffic index found that traffic impacts 24% of all driving time. This means each driver could be spending on average 8 days a year in traffic, which could mean unhappy customers, or reduced productivity. With TomTom Traffic you know your drivers have the best chance of being on time. Available when The TomTom PRO is connected to WEBFLEET.

* Independent drive-tests conducted in Berlin by the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and in London by Blauw Research, comparing trip times of TomTom Traffic with its nearest competitors. December 2011 & August 2013.

Order management

Order management
Paperless workflow reporting

TomTom PRO receives up-to-date job details when connected to WEBFLEET. Report on job status, manage workflow and more via a tap on the screen. All information is reported automatically in WEBFLEET. It’s easier for your drivers, less paperwork for you and offers full service transparency for your customers.

Message exchange

Message exchange
Stay in touch

Communication is crucial – even when everyone in your team is connected. TomTom PRO and WEBFLEET support two-way text communication. So you can send and receive important messages about a job, without calling and disturbing your mobile workforce.

Dynamic dispatch

Dynamic dispatch
Send the fastest to arrive

TomTom PRO connected to WEBFLEET gives you full transparency of ETAs, live from the road. So you can send the best driver for the job, not simply the closest. Choose the fastest to arrive, based on historic travel times and live traffic information.

WEBFLEET Reporting

WEBFLEET Reporting
Analyse your service performance

When you equip your mobile workforce with a TomTom PRO you make their life a lot easier. Saving your company valuable time. Working hours, job status, private or business trips, it’s all reported to WEBFLEET with just a tap on the TomTom PRO.

In WEBFLEET you can analyse performance in more detail and prove your service levels to your customers.

See if your drivers are arriving on time and analyse the reliability and responsiveness of your service.

Be transparent and provide a job-by-job insight into time spent driving and time spent with customers.

Easy Updates via Wi-Fi*

Easy Updates via Wi-Fi*

Simple and fast updates via Wi-Fi, means knowing your team have access to the most up to date information when they are out on the road. Remote updates of software and maps allows for fast deployment across all devices in the field.

* Wi-Fi Updates not available on the TomTom PRO 2020

How TomTom PRO helps your business:

Save time

Spend less time on the road and more with customers.

Improve service

Offer a more flexible and reliable service.

Be productive

Complete more jobs per day – with less admin.

Stay updated

Easily update your fleet's TomTom PRO devices with Wi-Fi updates.*

* Wi-Fi Updates not available on the TomTom PRO 2020

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