TomTom PRO 8275 TRUCK

Customisable truck fleet management terminal + built in camera

  • 7" screen and ruggedised driver terminal
  • Fully customisable with platform control
  • Easy serviceability with remote device management via WiFi
  • Lifetime TomTom Traffic and Speed Cameras*
  • Truck-specific routing
  • Built-in camera with flash
  • Near field communication (RFID) and 3G modem included
  • Rear camera support
Price excludes VAT.

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*Connectivity is not included – either respective WEBFLEET LIVE tariff needed or bring your own connectivity.

Open platform for customisable business applications

The PRO.connect SDK enables you to customise the WEBFLEET® workflow:

The PRO.connect SDK provides everything you need to develop bespoke business applications, including:
  • Extend
    Add steps to your WEBFLEET® workflow.

  • Checklist
    Digitise every step of your workflow.

  • Question path
    For vehicle checks, driver reporting and more.

  • Scanning
    Send barcodes, RFID or documents to the office in real time.

  • Digital signature
    Obtain digital signatures to prove delivery.

  • Driver ID
    Monitor working hours and movements.

Use case

TomTom PRO 8275 TRUCK is ideal for Transport & Logistics, Construction and the Public Transport sector. Using the open platform of the device you can capture and integrate data from the field: Capture data on your checklist, such as load, materials, jobs completed and driver movements. Use the built-in camera to scan barcodes or send delivery documents to the office for real-time invoicing. Record information to prove your legal compliance, make your mobile workforce more accountable and provide full service transparency to customers.

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