OptiDrive 360 is our complete approach to help drivers adapt a responsible driving style. It provides valuable insights to both the fleet manager and the driver – delivering direct feedback to drivers before, during and after their trip. Responsible driving helps you to lower fuel, maintenance and insurance premiums, reducing the total costs of vehicle ownership.

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Driving performance insights

OptiDrive 360 actively provides real-time feedback and advice to improve driving performance. Fleet managers and drivers get tailored driving insights on up to 8 OptiDrive 360 performance indicators.


Information about what the speed limit is, and if drivers are driving within it

Driving events

Reports on harsh steering and sudden braking


Information on idling time and associated fuel waste


Real-time and average fuel consumption

Constant speed

Reports on speed fluctuations in driving performance


Drivers can be advised to release the accelerator when approaching a coasting zone

Green speed

Get an advised speed, based on fuel efficiency and the speed limit

Gear shift

Advice on how appropriate gear changing can optimise vehicle efficiency

* Coasting means keeping the car moving, without accelerating whilst the car remains in gear. You should not travel whilst the car is out of gear or with the clutch depressed. This is dangerous as it reduces driver control.

Benefits of OptiDrive 360

Cut costs

Reduces fuel, maintenance and insurance costs, lowering the total cost of vehicle ownership.

Be green

Prove environmental responsibility by demonstrating your efforts to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Increase driver safety

Real-time feedback and advice on safer driving results in fewer accidents and maintenance downtime.

Be more relaxed

With a better driving style drivers will arrive at the customer relaxed and ready to work.

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