More efficient, less cost, and peace of mind that you comply.

WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager with Remote Download included, gives you the support to help you comply with legislation. With its powerful online analysis tools, offering insightful reporting and notifications, together with secure web-based archiving, you'll know you are in safe hands.

Make compliance simpler and faster with Remote Download for Digital Tachograph

  • Meet your compliance obligations the easy way, through automation and remote download functionality.
  • Schedule and automate your remote downloads so you never miss a deadline.
  • Check your data against up-to-date European and national legislation.

Save costs, boost productivity

  • Save costs and help staff save valuable working time with remote download of digital tachograph data.
  • With no need to travel back to the depot, your drivers save mileage, and can be more productive.
  • Your office staff also save time, as they don’t need to travel offsite to download and archive data.
  • Enhance visibility of infringements to avoid fines.

Stay in control

  • Vehicle Efficiency % feature helps understanding of fleet utilisation and operating efficiency.
  • Always know your fleet is compliant with European legislation.
  • Enjoy a simple, reliable solution that puts you in total control.
  • Just plug-in and download, no IT involvement needed to get the solution up and running.

Protect your sensitive data

  • Company card is stored in a secure data centre.
  • Full back up in a secure data centre.
  • Clear user control and access right settings.

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