Stay efficient and cost-effective through WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager, our remote download digital tachograph solution. Its online analysis tools and secure web-based archiving also offer fast insight and peace of mind.

Make compliance simpler with remote download digital tachograph

Meet your compliance objectives through automation and remote download functionality.

  • Schedule and automate your remote downloads so you never miss a deadline.
  • Check your data against up-to-date European and national legislation.

Save costs, boost productivity

Save costs and help staff save valuable working time with remote download of digital tachograph data.

  • With no need to travel back to the depot, your drivers save mileage, and can spend more time with customers.
  • Your office staff also save time, as they don’t need to travel offsite to download and archive data.
  • Improved insight into driver activities helps avoid fines and penalties.

Stay in control

Enjoy a simple, reliable solution that puts you totally in control.

  • Just plug and download - no IT involvement needed to get the solution up and running.
  • No additional IT infrastructure or maintenance needed.

Protect your sensitive data

The whole solution is designed to keep your data private.

  • Company card data is stored in a secure data centre.
  • Full back up is included.
  • You decide who sees what, with user control and access rights settings.

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