Fleet optimisation

Make smarter decisions with extensive reporting

Gain full control of your fleet. WEBFLEET's dashboard and rich reports equip you with real-time information about your vehicles. And when you can see more, you can achieve more.

Dashboard - KPIs at a glance

KPIs at a glance

Optimise your fleet in real time with instant access to KPIs tailored to your precise needs. Highlight trends, benchmark performance and identify room for improvement in areas such as service, productivity, fuel and more.

Reporting - Get insights

Get insights

Optimise your fleet's performance with WEBFLEET's extensive reporting capabilities. Use the industry's most comprehensive set of ready-made reports to gain insights into your fleet's activities. Customise reports to highlight the precise information your business needs. And schedule reports to run automatically or download them on demand, so you have the information you need, right when you need it.

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Notifications - Automate your working time registration

Be informed instantly

Know when an order's status changes, or when vehicles enter designated geozones or are in need of maintenance, thanks to WEBFLEET's instant dashboard alerts.

The benefits of WEBFLEET fleet optimisation:

Get insights

Get a deeper understanding of your fleet's operations.

Prove performance

View KPIs at a glance to help optimise fleet performance.

Receive instant notifications

Wherever you are, you'll know what's happening.

Make smarter decisions

Drive business efficiency with access to the real-time information you need to make better decisions.

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