Developed by the US Department of Defence, GPS is a satellite-based navigation system that's free to use anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. Orbiting GPS satellites transmit signals to Earth. GPS receivers then use this information to verify location. So anyone travelling with a GPS receiver can determine their own position and velocity.

TomTom pioneered the use of GPS technology in turn-by-turn navigation. But we didn't stop there; since then, one of our many innovations includes a GPS vehicle tracking system for our business customers. Enhanced by a communications channel linking your fleet to the office, our GPS vehicle tracking system provides detailed vehicle tracking data, all presented clearly online. At a glance, you can see where vehicles are, manage workflow and job dispatch (via Bluetooth®), and analyse driving styles to optimise fuel efficiency.

Linking vehicles to the office with a GPS vehicle tracking system

Linking your fleet to the office using GPS vehicle tracking

Each TomTom LINK, our in-vehicle tracking system, has both a built-in GPS receiver to verify a vehicle's position and a GSM transmitter to convey its location coordinates. Office-based fleet managers simply log on to WEBFLEET, our secure online fleet management service, to view each vehicle's journey. Location data is refreshed every minute. So you can rest assured that you're equipped with the up-to-the-minute information that you need to make smart operational decisions.

Monitoring driving styles with a GPS vehicle tracking system

Using GPS vehicle tracking to monitor driving styles.

A G-force sensor, built into every TomTom LINK vehicle tracking system, detects speed, idling time, acceleration and any sudden movements, like harsh braking or oversteering. This information is fed back to WEBFLEET, enabling you to monitor the impact of driving styles on your fuel costs and take action to improve your fleet's driving behaviour.

Enhancing GPS vehicle tracking systems

Enhancing GPS vehicle tracking systems

Our professional navigation devices are the easy way to optimise your GPS vehicle tracking solution. All our navigation devices faciliate two-way communications between your fleet and the office. So you can manage drivers' time and dispatch jobs while they're on the go. The navigation device connects to the LINK unit via Bluetooth® and provides Active Driver Feedback to let drivers know when they need to change their driving style.

All of our GPS vehicle tracking solutions deliver impressive benefits, right out of the box. Please visit our vehicle tracking overview page to read about the benefits in more detail.

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