Improve the safety of your drivers and passengers, and the reliability of your service

Take care of regulations

Take care of regulations

Use real-time information to track the hours your drivers work, and their remaining driving times. Download digital tachograph information remotely and use WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager to archive, analyse and prove your compliance. You can also use this information to monitor your drivers’ behaviour, and make sure they are keeping your passengers safe on the road.

Cut delays for passengers

Cut delays for passengers

WEBFLEET can significantly reduce delays. Use our tracking system to update the passenger with accurate ETAs. And, our driver terminals give drivers alternative routes to avoid traffic and arrive at their destinations safely – in the quickest possible time.

Make driving safer

Make driving safer

WEBFLEET’s in-vehicle active driver feedback helps drivers to drive safely and economically. And, with real-time diagnostic trouble codes, you’ll know if something’s wrong with the vehicle – enabling you to act quickly to prevent dangerous situations or plan maintenance with minimum downtime.

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