TomTom Telematics makes field service simple. Help your technicians to provide a faster, more reliable service and increase billable time.

Increase billable time

Increase billable time

Relieve your mobile workforce from unneccessary paperwork and admin time. With automated working time registration, digital workflow and logbook functionality your workforce can work paperless and send information in real time to WEBFLEET. Everybody is better informed which benefits your clients.

More agility

More agility

WEBFLEET allows businesses like yours to be more dynamic and flexible. Send the right person to the next job based on the shortest travel time. It keeps your workforce out of traffic and makes sure your technicians arrive on time. You can even optimise your planning by incorporating historically proven travel times. What's more, your customers can be informed of an accurate estimated time of arrival.

Prove service levels

Prove service levels

It's important to prove your timeliness and quality. With WEBFLEET you can provide transparancy to your clients and provide reports about time on site, arrival times, proof of delivery and much more.

Make driving safer

Make driving safer

Thanks to OptiDrive 360 which provides you and your drivers real-time feedback on driver behaviour, you help your technicians to drive safely and economically. And, with real-time diagnostic trouble codes, you’ll know if something’s wrong with a vehicle, even when you’re in the office – enabling you to act quickly to prevent dangerous situations or plan maintenance with minimum downtime.

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