Clean-Rohr Service GmbH

Service around the clock

Drain blocked - now quick help is appreciated. For Clean-Rohr Service GmbH this is no problem: Thanks to an intelligent combination of the business software from Sage Office Line and TomTom Telematics WEBFLEET, technicians can arrive more quickly.

The Company

The Clean-Rohr Service GmbH takes over the disposal of drain blockages around the clock. Additional services of this medium enterprise from Berlin include high pressure cleanings, pipe and sewer cleaning and inspections, waste disposal, pipe and sewer structural integrity checks, leak testing and general inspections.

In an emergency, time is money

The Challenge

For a clogged drain, every minute counts once the work has been accepted. The emergency must be detected quickly and accurately so that dispatchers know exactly what to do locally and what equipment is needed. Therefore, an order management solution was sought after that provides an interface for the TomTom Telematics WEBFLEET fleet management platform.

High efficiency thanks to seamless integration of order and fleet management

Electronic order transmission relieves the driver and the back office

Securing competitiveness

The Solution

Since 2012, Clean-Rohr Service GmbH ERP software from Sage Office Line has been integrated with the WEBFLEET solution from TomTom Telematics. The seamless integration of order and fleet management was launched within Clean-Rohr Service GmbH from the implementation partner Funk, Zander and partners. This helps to ensure/enable an extremely efficient processing of orders: The system displays all employees and vehicles, including their associated orders, allowing the best available technician with the appropriate equipment to be quickly identified.

The technician now has visibility into the job that they are assigned to on the TomTom PRO series driver terminal in the vehicle. Once the technician has confirmed the address by pressing a button, the job status is tracked. The status messages arrive via the in-vehicle installed LINK tracking device by mobile network (GPRS) to WEBFLEET.

A call to the technician is no longer necessary so that they can better concentrate on the road and on their work in the field. As a result, phone lines stay available for customer calls. In addition, the electronic transmission of job data, which reduced the number of false trips, is more accurate than telephone communications. Further, dispatchers can make sure that the technician doesn’t travel great distances between jobs. Ideally, the technician always moves within the same zip code, which is color-coded in the system. When a rush order comes in, WEBFLEET can show the dispatcher which technician is nearby and the PRO series driver terminal will navigate them via the quickest route. The estimated arrival time is displayed continuously.

The time saving is enormous: Before, Clean-Rohr Service GmbH required seven different programs in order to plan the daily work of their employees. Today, from a central portal, the dispatchers can access all of the order and fleet data. All of the important information about customers, employees and vehicles at a glance can be identified in the portal. The customer immediately receives a concrete date for when we are able to solve his problem, describes Steffen Wölfer, manager at Clean-Rohr Service GmbH. Overall, we can provide our customers with significantly improved service through the combination of Sage and TomTom Telematics. This enables our competitiveness and at the same time we can use our resources to operate more efficiently.

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