SOS Motorcycle Recovery

From its headquarters at Grantham in Lincolnshire, SOS Motorcycle Recovery provides a unique service throughout England and Wales recovering broken-down motorcycles and transporting bikes between locations. The service has become so successful that the company has recently expanded into Spain. It operates on behalf of a number of leading recovery organisations and insurers as well as working directly with motorcycle manufacturers and dealers and with professional users of motorbikes, such as courier and television companies. The UK service is provided 24/7 through a control room at Grantham and SOS aims to have a mechanic and recovery vehicle at a breakdown within one hour.

For SOS Motorcycle Recovery the solution lay in a connected navigation system based on TomTom Telematics's WEBFLEET software. The in-built flexibility of WEBFLEET.connect enabled integration with the company's existing IT system, based on Garage Manager and Turbo Despatch, both of which are standard software applications in the recovery industry. Users of these systems normally have to use the terminals that are supplied with the software, but these do not have the functionality of TomTom Telematics PNDs.

TomTom Telematics systems development partner Connect Fleet is very familiar with both of these systems and using WEBFLEET.connect was able to write a software application that enabled integration of the two systems. SOS set out the information that they required to be sent to the PND and what needed to come back into Garage Manager, such as the time the engineer arrived on the scene and when he had completed the job.

The result is that we now have a fully-integrated job and fleet management system that is very user-friendly for our staff in the control room and our mechanics in the field, says SOS founder and managing director, Gary Bravo. It can also produce a wide range of reports that provide valuable data to help us to manage our business more efficiently, improve productivity and identify cost-savings. The new system is used in exactly the same way as the old system, but is now more effective, so our back-room staff only needed training in how to make optimum use of the considerably greater functionality of the TomTom system.

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