Troy Auto Care

Fuel costs reduced by 29% and efficiency increased by 78%

Troy’s Auto Care was founded in 1958 and provides vehicle repair and towing services in Troy, Michigan. The towing operation includes 21 vehicles – including 17 tow trucks, in addition to light service trucks and battery service vehicles.

With at least 15 drivers on the road at any one time, Troy Auto Care VP in charge of the towing operation, Donnie Hudson, knew he was busy. His greatest frustration was not knowing where his drivers were at any given time. Our old system had a lag of five to six minutes, so it was very difficult for us to know where our drivers actually were. That lag time meant that it was often difficult for his team to accurately dispatch drivers, or provide ETAs for customers who were waiting.

With TomTom WEBFLEET, Troy Auto Care has reduced the average time it takes to dispatch a call to under two minutes – a savings of about 78 percent.

TomTom has also had a measurable effect on fuel consumption. When I didn’t know where my drivers really were, we often sent one truck when another driver was much closer. In many cases, drivers were even crisscrossing, or driving right past each other, as they went to different jobs, said Hudson. Now we can send the closest driver and we’ve reduced miles driven as a result.

TomTom’s real-time traffic and construction updates have also reduced drive time – and made ETAs far more accurate. Construction is a real issue in the Detroit area, explained Hudson. TomTom’s ability to direct our drivers to take surface streets or alternate routes when traffic is bad has been incredibly helpful. As a result of these improvements on the road, Troy Auto Care has seen fuel consumption drop by 29 percent.