Zores Towing

Zores has been providing towing, metals recycling, auto parts and auto body services for more than 87 years. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, the company has five offices and more than 80 vehicles in their fleet, 44 of which are used for towing and metals recycling, and are equipped with the TomTom Telematics solution. The company provides local and long-distance services, covering both the metro Indianapolis area, as well as out-of-state locations.

In 2011, Zores’ towing operations won a contract with City of Indianapolis Police Department (IPD), significantly increasing call volume. As part of the agreement, Zores was required to respond to any calls from the IPD within 20 minutes, or incur fines and a contract review. With this requirement in place, along with the increase in call volume, IT manager David Schroeder knew that he would have to improve the company’s GPS and telematics capabilities – and quickly!