The LINK 100 is a telematics device that gives easy access to vehicle usage and driving performance data. The open interface of the LINK 100 allows you to develop mobile applications that easily connect drivers to your backend systems. So your customers can benefit from the value of telematics-based services.

Being an OBD-II Bluetooth dongle it provides all the relevant driving and vehicle data you need for your telematics based services. It is not equipped with GPS technologies so the driver’s location privacy is maintained.

The LINK 100 sends data from the vehicles OBD-II port to the driver’s smartphone using your own mobile application. Our software developer kit (SDK)* gives you everything you need to design your own mobile applications for the services you want to offer to your customers.

*Software developer kit (SDK) TomTom Telematics gives developers both APIs - iOS & Android SDK to start developing your own smartphone applications.

Driving and vehicle data insight made easy

  • Opens up new business opportunities to connect with your customers via mobile applications.
  • Hassle-free installation into every OBD-II compliant vehicle.
  • Easily connects to smartphone applications.
  • Overcomes data privacy concerns through non-GPS technology.
  • Ensures data storage and security of the highest standards.

Talk to an advisor and find out how a LINK device can benefit your fleet.