WEBFLEET provides you access to real-time driving time information to all your vehicles that are equipped with a digital tachograph. With Remaining Driving Times you instantly know which driver has enough driving time left to do the next delivery job in time.

How does it work?

Advanced trouble code notification

Remaining Driving Times works with every digital tachograph that is connected to a LINK vehicle tracking device*. WEBFLEET is using the digital tachograph information to calculate daily and weekly remaining driving times as well as rest periods for each driver. Everything you need for a dynamic dispatching process and to be compliant to the regulation (EC) No. 561/2006.

* Requires LINK 3xx / 510.

Daily remaining driving time

Daily remaining driving time

Ad-hoc information on daily remaining driving time, the latest beginning of the next upcoming break and when the shift of a driver ends.

Weekly remaining driving time

Weekly remaining driving time

Detailed information about the weekly remaining driving time for the current and upcoming week including the allowed exceptions for extending driving times and reduced rest periods.

social infringement notifications

Social infringement notifications

Get informed when infringements are taken place. Every infringement triggers a notification, classified as a Warning with 3 levels of severity.

Tachograph Manager

Remaining Driving Times is included in WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager - our solution for downloading digital tachograph data remotely, archiving and analysing.

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