Everything you need to keep your fleet efficient and compliant

WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager is a complete end-to-end digital tachograph solution. It lets you download data remotely and manually, catering for all your fleet. It lets you analyse driver performance data, from driving time to rest periods. And it securely archives all information for easy retrieval.

Remote download

Simpler compliance, greater efficiency

WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager automatically downloads data and archives it in our secure data centre for two years, where only your authorised users can access it.

  • Make compliance easier through automated downloads of driver card data (every week) and vehicle data (every month).
  • Save costs and time through fewer manual downloads, less administration and no need for intensive IT maintenance.
  • Help drivers get more out of their driving time, as there’s no need to return to the depot.

Manual download

Analyse data from across your fleet

If some of your digital tachographs don’t support remote downloads, you can upload manually downloaded data for archiving and analysis in the same centralised system.

  • Make it easy to capture and analyse tachograph files from all your fleet.
  • Control your costs - only pay for manual upload, archive and analysis per activated vehicle.
  • Reduce your IT infrastructure by phasing out use of your existing archive facilities.

Deadline Manager

Deadline Manager

Always stay one step ahead

The Deadline Manager tells you when to renew driver cards and when to capture tachograph data, for both manual upload and remote download vehicles.

  • Never miss a deadline - see download deadlines and driver card expiry dates, set reminder intervals and send reminder emails.
  • Reduce fines - tell drivers up front if a deadline is approaching.
  • Stay efficient by knowing exactly when to order new driver cards.

Analysis: Social Infringement Report

Analysis: Social Infringement Report

Understand and prevent driver misconduct

This report gives detailed insight into any social infringement on a per-driver basis. It also shows the severity of every infringement and any associated fines.

  • Get a clear overview of expected fines for selected countries (Germany, Denmark, Italy).
  • Easily identify where drivers can improve performance.
  • Proof that you instruct your drivers to prevent misconduct and improve their performance.

Analysis: Daily driving time and rest periods

Analysis: Daily driving time and rest periods

Download driver overviews for easy analysis

Download our comprehensive reports for an overview of what each driver is doing per calendar day, per shift, or over a chosen period of time.

  • Get an overview of all your drivers’ activities at a glance by downloading detailed reports.
  • Easily analyse the data by exporting it to PDF or CSV formats.

Analysis: Daily Activities View

Analysis: Daily Activities View

Get immediate insight into driver activity

Get insight into your drivers’ activity at any time by logging into this comprehensive online dashboard.

  • Get at-a-glance insight into your drivers’ availability, driving time, resting time and more over a chosen time period.
  • Get a better understanding of the root causes of any driving infringements.



Securely store data - and find it whenever you need it

All tachograph data is securely stored and easily accessed in our archive for two years. And you can search for it in a number of ways.

  • Find data quickly in the event of an inspection - search for specific drivers or vehicles.
  • Get data about your whole fleet, with support of both remote download and manual upload files.
  • Track all activities with the archiving history.

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