Maximise the efficiency of your trucks and drivers with dynamic dispatching and stay compliant with driving and working time regulations.

Prove your working and driving time compliancy with Tachograph Manager

Prove your working and driving time compliancy with Tachograph Manager

WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager makes it easy for both your truckers on the road and team in the office to remotely download, analyse and archive trip data. And it enables you to prove your compliancy with Service Level Agreements.

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Dynamic scheduling for haulage companies

Dynamic scheduling for haulage companies

With up-to-date information on your drivers’ remaining driving times, you can optimise planning to ensure you use the maximum time for each driver, and improve your dispatching process.

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The best driver terminals for your truckers

The best driver terminals for your truckers

Make life on the road easier for your truckers with the TomTom PRO 8275 TRUCK – the most versatile device in the industry. Features include:

  • Ruggedised and fully-customisable, with a 7” screen.
  • Truck-specific navigation and TomTom Traffic.
  • Digital workflow to suit your procedures.
  • OptiDrive 360 support via FMS interface.
  • Rear-view camera.
  • NFC and RFID.
  • Barcode scanning, digital signature capture and driver ID.

Monitor fuel usage and carbon emission

Improve driving performance with OptiDrive 360

OptiDrive 360 gives your drivers real-time feedback and driving advice before, during and after their trips. Fleet managers can easily monitor driving performance in WEBFLEET using real-time dashboard and detailed reports.

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Easily monitor fuel levels

Easily monitor fuel levels

Connect to your truck’s FMS to detect fuel level anomalies, and check your drivers’ RPM and PTOs.

Check important vehicle data

Check important vehicle data

Haulage companies can easily extend the functionality of WEBFLEET to monitor vehicles in more detail. Remotely check vehicle temperature, tyre pressure and door locks, and track trailers with WEBFLEET and LINK.connect.

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Power your existing systems with partner apps

WEBFLEET seamlessly integrates with leading transport applications like scheduling, planning and dispatch applications, as well as many CRM applications.

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