TomTom Insurance Telematics can help you create a customised Usage Based Insurance (UBI) programme that will empower your customers to improve their driving style. The result: fewer road accidents, lower insurance claims and increased business profitability.

  • Fairer insurance premium
  • Real-time driving feedback
  • Less risk driving
  • Roadside assistance
Usage Based Insurance (UBI) – Insurance telematics
  • Detailed risk assessment
  • Lower claims
  • Lower costs
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer interaction
  • Shorter information flow

Insurance Telematics – all the benefits

Improve your driving risk assessment by monitoring driving behaviour.

Encourage safer driving - and reduce claims - using real-time audio and visual coaching.

Investigate accidents sooner - and minimise fraudulent claims - by using actual crash data to notify insurers or call centres in real time.

Optimise roadside assistance - and reduce tow fees - through instant vehicle breakdown alerts.

Offer more competitive policy premiums and stay ahead in your market.

Run a pilot UBI programme then scale up with our flexible Pay-As-You-Grow model.

Partner solutions

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Usage Based Insurance for personal lines

Pay-As-You-Drive and Pay-How-You-Drive solutions for consumers.

  • Promote safer driving styles within high-risk segments, like young or first-time drivers.
  • Provide competitive rates in low-risk segments, like low-mileage drivers.
  • Lower the risk of theft on theft-prone vehicles.
  • Create new revenue streams through add-on services, such as assistance, private e-call (emergency) and b-call (breakdown) services.
  • Reduce delays and streamline information flow in First Notification of Loss (FNOL) .

Usage Based Insurance for commercial lines

Pay-As-You-Drive and Pay-How-You-Drive solutions for small, medium and large companies.

  • Understand vehicle and driver risks.
  • Deliver a full fleet management solution that may be scaled up to a complete UBI programme in future - without additional investment or cost.
  • Help drivers to improve their driving style and lower claims.
  • Create tailored insurance premiums to match specific risk profiles - even within one customer's fleet.
  • Integrate with existing customer systems and dashboards seamlessly.
  • Give customers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution.
And your customers will:
  • Benefit from the proven technologies of the most widely accepted fleet management solution provider in Europe.
  • Minimise the risk of accidents and loss of reputation.
  • Be empowered to promote safer driving by gaining full visibility of driver performance and detailed driving event reports.
  • Benefit from lower insurance premiums thanks to safer driving - which means fewer accidents.
  • Take control of fuel consumption, maintenance and other vehicle-related costs to increase operational efficiency.
  • Decrease the number of claims and increase operational efficiencies, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Why partner with TomTom Telematics

When you partner with TomTom Telematics to implement Usage Based Insurance (UBI), you benefit from:

Brand power

Millions of motorists drive with TomTom. Use this brand power to create a strong association with UBI and gain your customers' trust.

World-class technologies

Bring a differentiated UBI programme to market by leveraging our world-class technologies, including TomTom Traffic, IQ Routes, GPS solutions, maps and more.

Innovation that makes you future proof

Our continuous investment in R&D means we can deliver leading-edge technology to you and your customers.

The highest standard of data protection

Our insurance telematics services are ISO 27001 certified - an international standard for data protection.

Full scalability

We can make your UBI programme scalable - by size and across location boundaries - thanks to our global presence and local coverage.

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