The full range of TomTom Telematics UBI solutions, products and features.

In-vehicle telematics devices

TomTom LINK 100

LINK 100

A small OBD-II Bluetooth dongle, the TomTom LINK 100 connects a vehicle to the driver’s smartphone, as well as to your systems.

  • Promotes greener, safer and more efficient driving through mobile apps.
  • Collects driving behaviour and vehicle usage data for in-depth analysis.
  • Supports easy installation by the driver and broad vehicle compatibility.
  • Provides secure data transfer and storage.
  • Guarantees location privacy for drivers – the device doesn’t incorporate GPS, or report on vehicle location.
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TomTom LINK 410/510

LINK 410

The TomTom LINK 410 is your connection to your customers’ vehicles on the road.

  • Fits any type of vehicle and is easy to install.
  • Logs when, where and how the vehicle is used.
  • Has an open interface, allowing multi-brand devices to be connected via Bluetooth®.

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In-vehicle feedback

insurance telematics smartphone app

Your smartphone app

Empower your customers with driving behaviour feedback and vehicle data. Our easy-to-deploy SDKs and APIs enable you to create your own app, and provide:

  • Driver scores
  • Vehicle usage
  • Crash notification/Emergency call (e-call)
  • Breakdown call (b-call)
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LINK 100 Companion app

LINK 100 Companion app

Not ready to build your own UBI app? With the TomTom LINK 100 Companion app, you can start a UBI pilot project and give users access to vehicle usage and driving performance data. The LINK 100 Companion app provides:

  • Personal scores – both combined and itemised (by braking, cornering and acceleration), and presented in trend graphs over the previous seven driving days.
  • Engine performance data, real time and historical (short term), updated up to five times per second.

WEBFLEET Reporting

PRO driver terminals (optional)

The TomTom PRO driver terminals offer drivers real-time feedback and advice and are the perfect choice for professional navigation.

The TomTom PRO driver terminals are an optional component of TomTom’s UBI solutions and are only available in combination with the LINK 410 unit.

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Back end services

Integrate with your existing systems

Integrate with your systems

We provide seamless integration of telematics data into your own applications and dashboards through our world-class APIs and SDKs. Additionally, our service platform ensures the highest standard of security and reliability.



WEBFLEET puts all of the information needed to manage a fleet right at commercial customers' fingertips.

  • The web-hosted platform is available 24/7, and provides real-time and historical data.
  • Customers can monitor drivers' mileage, fuel consumption, speeding and carbon footprint, then analyse driving behaviour using the OptiDrive 360 score.
  • Drivers can be granted access to see their personal driving performance.
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Scoring, vehicle and driving data

With your customer's consent, you can access multiple levels of vehicle and driving data:

Vehicle usage

  • Mileage (by time of day, road type, speed limit, urban/country split or postcode)
  • Driving time (by time of day, road type, speed limit, urban/country split or postcode)
  • Trip history, stops and distance
  • Maintenance information

Driving performance

  • Speed and acceleration (total, as well as speeding by GPS speed, road speed limit and road type, and actual speed versus average speed through IQ Routes)
  • Driving events and severity (per hour, per 100km, by severity level and by road type)
  • Harsh braking
  • Sharp turning
  • Idling
  • Fuel consumption
  • Carbon footprint

Crash notification& crash log

Crash notification

  • Timestamp
  • Acceleration/impact force measured
  • Direction of the acceleration/impact
  • Virtual odometer value
  • OBD data at the time of the event (speed, rpm, engine load)

Crash log

  • View information 45 seconds before and 15 seconds after an incident (speed, rpm, engine load, acceleration X/Y/Z) in this detailed crash log.

 All data may be provided in raw format. Available data dependent on telematics device used.

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