Get real-time performance reports

Get real-time performance reports

Tracking your sales team’s productivity is easier than ever with WEBFLEET. Get detailed, reliable reports on the number of appointments your sales representative attends, time spent behind the wheel and stops made.

Cut your fuel costs

Cut your fuel costs

With a team of sales reps on the road, fuel costs can quickly add up. Our industry-leading driver terminals save you money on unnecessary mileage by using real-time traffic updates and speed data to guide your reps from one customer to the next. And with WEBFLEET you can help your drivers to improve their driving style and cut fuel costs further.

Track every taxable mile

Track every taxable mile

WEBFLEET’s automated logbook functionality makes it simple to track every taxable mile. It makes mile reimbursement hassle-free for your drivers and your businesses – and helps with tax declaration.

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Push appointments related to your leads and opportunities directly to your reps’ TomTom PRO navigation devices. Send them full address details using on your PC, or your Salesforce app on your mobile phone. Once your rep accepts the task, navigation starts automatically. You can then see trip info in your agenda, and use to report on time spent.

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