PartyTime Rentals

PartyTime Rentals is a full-service party rental and event management company providing corporations and families with a wide range of equipment, from tents to linens to inflatable games. The company is based in Wappinger Falls, New York, north of New York City, and services the entire tri-state area.

I started the company out of my home about eight years ago and we now operate out of four different buildings with a fleet of nearly a dozen vehicles, says Darren Morizet, president of PartyTime Rentals. Everything we do, we do in our company to ensure the highest level of quality control. We don't really outsource anything. We process our linens internally. We wash and maintain our equipment internally. We even have our own repair facility for tents and inflatables where we do repairs for other companies.

PartyTime Rentals became a TomTom customer soon after the business was started to solve its navigation problems. About seven years ago, I said to myself, Why aren't we using these new GPSs that are out on the market? and I went out and bought a TomTom , says Morizet. Within two weeks, I made my money back on fuel savings and improved customer satisfaction because our driver was not getting lost.

With TomTom, PartyTime Rentals also narrowed its service window to one hour. If you're having a child's birthday party on a Saturday, you're probably running around like crazy that morning, says Morizet. You've got to get the cake. You got to make sure the house and yard are ready for guests. So knowing your inflatable is going to be delivered between 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning, and it's going to be picked up between 7:00 and 8:00 that evening - that's a tremendous value for the customer.

Beyond improving navigation and dispatch, PartyTime Rentals is using its TomTom fleet management system to optimize its entire operation by tracking setup time, idle time and driver safety.

We reward drivers and crews for good performance, so it has become part of our culture, says Morizet. If we know a particular tent requires a 25-minute setup on average, but we notice that one crew spent an hour and ten minutes on it, we can address that issue at the end of the day when we run our reports. We can also review miles traveled to and from jobs, idle time between jobs, and poor driving behavior such as quick stops and harsh cornering to incent our crews to be more conscious of what they are doing with the trucks.

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