SMC Project Services Ltd.

SMC Projects is a shop fitting contractor based in Somerset. They deliver projects such as shop maintenance contracts and also total shop refurbishments throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

With a workforce of 16 fully qualified shop fitters and five vans in their fleet, SMC is a well established company which has gained an excellent reputation for their high quality refurbishments. Project management of extensive rollout programs is a large part of SMC's business; therefore details such as tracking and delivery information are extremely important which need to be to hand at a moments notice.

The new system is great, it not only eases our workload, but it actually saves us money. The easy communication between office and driver is gradually being used more and more, which is encouraged as there is no limit to usage. The immediate benefit is that the insurance is cheaper for us due to the tracking facility. In the past one of our vans was stolen, and with the help of WEBFLEET we were able to track down our van and tell the police its current position so they could find it, and return it to us. The insurance company values this, and in turn this means a reduced premium for us.

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