You know that your fleet is integral to your mobile business: just one break in the supply chain can be devastating. Optimising your on-the-road operations is essential - and this calls for effective fleet management. The right fleet management supplier is a long-term partner you can trust. Look no further: 49,000 customers already trust TomTom Telematics, benefiting from the most secure, reliable and future-ready fleet management solutions on the market.

We offer information security of the highest industry standards and are ISO 27001 certified.

  • Maximum security and integrity

    Your data is in safe hands. We use state-of-the-art security measures to safeguard your valuable data, so you can be confident that it's isolated and secure.

  • Continuous availability and reliability

    Scheduled maintenance and updates? A server issue? No problem - our world-class data centre design ensures continued operations without obvious service impact.

  • 24x7 service

    We provide around-the-clock system monitoring. You can rest assured that, should an issue arise, we'll know about it. Our system engineers are on call 24x7, ensuring an immediate response.

  • Future-ready systems

    We continuously invest in our infrastructure, so you can be sure it's up to date and capable of handling your current workload - as well as growth in years to come.

Discover how we keep your data safe and secure by downloading our free advice guide.

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