TomTom LINK 105

Add-on device for fuel information

Small device - big impact

  • Real-time fuel monitoring
  • Carbon footprint reporting
  • Reports vehicle and engine diagnostic trouble codes
  • OptiDrive 360 support
  • Fast installation to the vehicle’s OBD-II port
  • Add-on device for fuel information. Works in combination with LINK 510 vehicle tracking device

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LINK 105

LINK 105

The TomTom LINK 105 device is a small device which is easy to install into a light commercial vehicle using the standard vehicle OBD-II port. It reads information from the vehicle engine and reports the following information to WEBFLEET*:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Carbon emission
  • RPM
  • Engine trouble codes

* Requires a TomTom LINK 510.

LINK 105 + LINK vehicle tracking device

LINK 105 + LINK vehicle tracking device

  • The LINK 105 is an add-on device for our vehicle tracking devices LINK 510. It connects to the LINK vehicle tracking device via Bluetooth.
  • Together, the LINK and LINK 105 provide you with all the insights you need to operate greener, safer and more efficient vehicle fleet.
  • The LINK vehicle tracking device logs when, where and how a vehicle is driven.

All information is presented to you via WEBFLEET*. WEBFLEET provides at-a-glance dashboards so you know when to act. Or use WEBFLEET’s configurable reports to analyse in greater detail and look for efficiency improvement.

* Requires a TomTom LINK 510.

Here’s some of the most used reports in WEBFLEET when it comes to fuel, carbon footprint and safety.

Talk to an advisor and find out how a TomTom LINK device can benefit your fleet.

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