TomTom LINK 310 front (angle)


Fleet managers need a cost-effective way to stay in close contact with dispersed vehicles. Enter the TomTom LINK 310. It connects the vehicle to the office, giving you a permanent communication channel with everyone on the road. The LINK 310 is your permanent connection to your vehicles on the road, you can track your fleet in real time, 24/7, from your PC.

 This product is not available anymore. Please have a look in our products section to get to know the latest products.

Hassle-free installation. At TomTom we aim for a total user experience. It's not just the use of the product that needs to be easy, it's the full experience. That is why we have made sure that the installation of the TomTom LINK 310 is extremely easy. It's a matter of minutes. And maintenance can be done 'over the air' so your business is not disrupted.

No fuss

The LINK 310 unit can be fitted to a vehicle's windscreen or dashboard, or hidden away behind the dashboard - whichever is most convenient. Once it's securely in place, it's connected to the vehicle's power supply, ignition and any other digital input devices required. While installing the unit is a relatively quick and easy process, it should only be undertaken by a qualified installer.

Approved partners

We are happy to recommend a reseller, distributor or business partner who will be able to carry out the installation at a time and place to suit you. Simply search within our list of approved partners in your area. Alternatively request a sales demonstration of the TomTom LINK 310.