WEBFLEET’s easy-to-use ‘Software as a Service’ technology fits any commercial vehicle. Its innovative online fleet management capabilities give you total visibility of everything that happens on the road. The main features are highlighted below.

Map - A real-time view

Map - A real-time view

With real-time street level maps and traffic information, you can avoid delays and always know the location and status of your vehicles.



With WEBFLEET’s dashboard you can see your business performance at a glance. KPIs can track the performance of individuals, teams or your entire business. Up to 18 KPIs can be displayed, enabling you to spot emerging trends as they happen.

WEBFLEET reporting


WEBFLEET gives you instant access to the information that matters, meaning you can make informed decisions for your business.

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TomTom WEBFLEET Mobile - available for iOS and Android


Available on iOS and Android, you can manage your fleet wherever you are.

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