Fleet optimization

Make smarter decisions with extensive reporting

Analyze and achieve more with WEBFLEET’s fleet optimization. WEBFLEET’s dashboard and reports deliver rich and real-time information about your vehicles, immediately giving you full control. Fleet optimization gives direct insights when you start tracking your vehicles.

Dashboard - KPIs at a glance

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at a glance

WEBFLEET gives you instant access to the KPIs that help you optimize your fleet management in real-time. Service, productivity, and fuel indicators can all be configured to your exact needs, enabling you to spot trends, benchmark your performance and identify areas for improvement.

Reporting - Get insights

Get insights

WEBFLEET’s rich reporting capabilities enable you to optimize the performance of your fleet. They include the industry’s most comprehensive set of ready-made reports, providing detailed insights into the activities of individuals and the fleet. Customized reports let you highlight the exact information your business needs – when you need it. And reports can be scheduled to run automatically or can be downloaded on demand.

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Notifications - Automate your working time registration

Be informed instantly

When order status changes, or when vehicles need maintenance or cross predefined geo-zones, WEBFLEET delivers instant notifications to your dashboard. Immediate fleet optimization opportunities.

The benefits of WEBFLEET fleet optimization:

Get insights

Capture results and prove your performance.

Prove performance

See your fleet performance and KPIs at a glance.

Receive instant notifications

Stay informed, no matter where you are.

Make smarter decisions

Make effective decisions based on real-time information to make your business more efficient.

Get a demo

See how WEBFLEET can help your business.