WEBFLEET® provides both the fleet manager and drivers with detailed driving behavior information. Everyone is empowered to act, before, during and after each trip. Keep your vehicles and your drivers green and safe with a fleet management solution like WEBFLEET. Become greener and drive safer with vehicle tracking, it helps reducing your mileage numbers.

Help to improve driving behavior

Help to improve driving behavior

In order to help drivers improve their driving style we developed OptiDrive® 360. We offer one of the most complete approaches to continuously improve your fleet's driving performance.

OptiDrive 360 allows your teams to Learn, Get Coached, Evaluate and Compare on a wide set of driving performance indicators.

Drivers get direct feedback and predictive driving advice while driving, and WEBFLEET clearly presents the savings potential to the fleet manager.

See how WEBFLEET helps you improve you fleet's driving behavior.

OptiDrive 360 

Monitor fuel usage and carbon emissions for green, safe driving.

Monitor fuel usage and carbon emissions for green, safe driving.

Get real-time and historical insight into your fleet's fuel consumption and emissions. Spot trends or anomalies with the fuel efficiency dashboard and compare performance over time with fuel and carbon reporting. Green and safe driving which reduces costs.

Our LINK in-car devices retrieve the information from the vehicle and presents it in WEBFLEET. Whether you have passenger cars or work vehicles, we have a reliable solution for you.

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Eco driving: Key benefits

Cut costs

Eco driving is one of the smartest ways to reduce fuel cost.

Safer driving

Helps to improve driving behavior and keep vehicles well maintained.

Less carbon

You are enabled to reduce your carbon emissions with eco driving.

Green credentials

Contribute to your commitment of being environmentally responsible.

WEBFLEET eco driving reports

Fuel consumption report

Monitor the fuel consumption of your vehicles and see exceptional events.

Fuel consumption report

CO2 report

Monitor your carbon footprint with CO2 information about every vehicle and trip. Greener, safer driving made easy.

CO2 report

OptiDrive report

Get insight in the driving behavior of your drivers, and enable driver behavior solutions.

OptiDrive report

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