Full blast vehicle tracking at expert level. You wish to dispatch jobs, navigate with real-time traffic and coach driver behavior, then expert level vehicle tracking is just for you. Learn our complete fleet management solutions which reduces cost and increase efficiency of your fleet.


Arrive on time and stress free

The perfect companion for your mobile workforce. TomTom PRO provides your drivers best-in-class navigation and, when connected to WEBFLEET, the ability to communicate with the office and receive orders right on the screen. Always know where your vehicles are.

Extensive reporting

Get insights
Extensive reporting

WEBFLEET’s rich reporting capabilities enable you to optimize the performance of your fleet. They include the industry’s most comprehensive set of ready-made reports, providing detailed insights into the activities of individuals and the fleet. Become an expert on customized reports that let you highlight the exact information your business needs – when you need it. And reports can be scheduled to run automatically or can be downloaded on demand.

Real-time vehicle tracking

Locate the nearest driver quickly
Real-time vehicle tracking

See where your vehicles are—and whether they're parked or on the move—in real time on a TomTom map. By identifying the nearest driver for a new assignment, you can impress your customers and minimize the time you spend on the road.

TomTom Traffic

The fastest way. Proven.*

Traffic impacts 24% of all driving time.** It could cost you eight working days per year per worker and is the main reason (93%) for delayed customer appointments.*** With GPS vehicle tracking by TomTom Traffic, your drivers will always know the fastest way to your customers, meaning you'll avoid unnecessary fines and adverse impact on your revenue. Available when TomTom PRO is connected to WEBFLEET.

* Independent drive-tests conducted in Berlin by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and in London by Blauw Research, comparing trip times of TomTom Traffic with its nearest competitors. December 2011 & August 2013.
** TomTom traffic index 2013.
*** TomTom research 2012.

Save on fuel

Intuitive interface

The interface, clear structure, and logically grouped features make expert level vehicle tracking by WEBFLEET very easy to use. You can assign icons to different vehicle types and survey different groups of vehicles. The position of each vehicle is automatically updated on the map. And because WEBFLEET is a subscription service, you get all maps and upgrades as and when you need them.

Protect your assets


We understand that you need reliable, 24-hour access to your fleet management application and complete security at all times. So rest assured. WEBFLEET has an excellent uptime record and can only be accessed through a secure online account using your personal ID and password. That's why the WEBFLEET service is trusted by more than 50,000 business customers.

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