Optimize operations while improving driver behavior and passenger safety. Operate more profitably by providing the service others envy.

Make driving safer

On-time Transports

Always be on time with traffic-based navigation, truck-specific routing and accurate Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs).

Real-time vehicle tracking

Real-time Fleet Visibility

Dispatch closest available units and know exactly how they’re performing.

Reduce delays for passengers.

Real-time Accountability

On-time fleet arrivals, accurate mileage tracking and driver performance scoring.

Proof of care made easy.

Planning and Scheduling

Plan, schedule and dispatch orders with TomTom WEBFLEET, or 3rd party solutions from our partners.

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Already 46,000 clients achieve more with WEBFLEET

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The TomTom Telematics advantage

46,000 clients

ISO 27001 certified

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Industry leading R&D

App Center

Power your existing systems with partner apps

Easily integrate WEBFLEET and our partner applications into your existing systems to improve CRM, route planning and address admin. You can even connect with in-vehicle and mobile monitors such as tire and temperature sensors, vehicle checks and DTC.

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Our industry partners

School Bus

bus boss

Dispatch optimized routes, display vehicle location and overlay breadcrumb trail over planned route and receive real-time alerts of route deviations and aggressive driving.


A national leader in student transportation management systems and services, offering routing and scheduling solutions.





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