Disposal Plus

Disposal Plus uses TomTom to cut telephone and administration costs more than 10%

Disposal Plus General Manager Mark Gstell says his company's manual fleet management system made it hard to communicate changes to his drivers and got bogged down in paperwork. We had to type out the schedules for the drivers, which meant they were pretty much set in stone, says Gstell. Then the drivers had to review the schedules and plug in the address for each job into the GPS devices in their trucks.

One unexpected benefit of the TomTom system was that it saved Gstell time calculating payments for the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), which US states use to track fuel tax obligations for commercial vehicles doing business in their regions. Keeping track of the miles we drove in Connecticut and Massachusetts was difficult with our manual system, but now all I have to do is open the report automatically sent to me by the TomTom system. We even used these reports to document our compliance for an audit last year.

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