Frank’s Plumbing

Frank’s Plumbing is a 60 year-old family business providing plumbing installation and service in the Amarillo, Texas area. The company’s 25 trucks service a 120-mile area providing installation and repair service to residential and new construction clients.

According to IT Director Kenneth Willburn, monitoring driver behavior was the key goal for implementing a fleet management system. Our trucks are our brand ambassadors. If they’re driving crazy, it does not reflect well on us. And we felt that there were quite a few driving incidents happening on the road, but we just didn’t have a handle on them.

In addition to perception, safety and liability were also a concern. We did not want our people driving irresponsibly and causing accidents, said Willburn.

Navigation was also an important benefit, especially in Frank’s business area, where some locations can be pretty remote. According to Willburn, We have one customer – a group of nuns – living and working in a remote area that was literally not even on the map. For years, we only had one or two guys we could send out to service them, since they were the only ones who knew how to get there. With GPS navigation units in the vehicles, we can send anyone out – reaching them faster and more efficiently.

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