Enable safer driving, lower fuel bills and environmental impact.

Real-time alerts appear on the device screen to indicate risky events and fuel-related concerns:

These remind the driver to adopt a safer, more fuel-efficient driving style.

Back in the office, the WEBFLEET OptiDrive indicators for each element are shown by green, yellow or red icons, so it’s easy to interpret the data at a glance.

Fuel bills and maintenance expenses account for nearly 30% of the cost of owning a vehicle*. Active Driver Feedback reminds your drivers to maintain a safer and more fuel-efficient driving style.

Lowering your fuel consumption will immediately reduce your carbon footprint. So Active Driver Feedback also helps you realize your green ambitions.

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Find out how to help your teams to drive safely by downloading our free advisory guide below.

* Athlon Car Lease, total cost of ownership average values, February 2011: Depreciation 40%, fuel 19%, insurance 11%, maintenance 10%, tax 7%, interest 7%, other 6%

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