TomTom PRO 2020 - Driving view

Helping you Identify, Log and Coach drivers for continuous improvement

The PRO 2020 is our latest driver terminal, and is at the heart of empowering continuous driver improvement. It's a compact device with 2.5 inch touch screen, that together with WEBFLEET supports fleet owners to better integrate their drivers into their business control and management processes. The entry level device means the entire fleet of drivers can be equipped with an interface that helps achieve wider compliance and control.

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pro2020 coach us


Achieve continuous improvement in driving behavior across your fleet with OptiDrive 360. It provides valuable insights to both the fleet manager and the driver – delivering direct feedback to drivers before, during and after their trip.

pro2020 control us


Identify and reliably log essential data on every employee. By scanning a NFC/RFID card* employees are able to identify themselves.

* HF RFID 13.56MHz (ISO 14443A compliant)
(supports protocols compliant to ISO 14443A, such as MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Classic, MIFARE SmartMX, MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE Plus, etc.)

pro2020 comply us


All important data gathered in one place for easy reporting. Individual driver logs of working time promotes compliance with legislation or policy, and use for invoicing.

What you need to get started with the TomTom PRO 2020:

TomTom PRO 2020

WEBFLEET fleet management software

Always know where your vehicles are in real time.

LINK 530 vehicle tracking device

Sends data from the vehicle to WEBFLEET.

Recommended options:

LINK 105

Provides additional data straight from the vehicle, enabling features such as Gear Shift and Fuel Consumption.


Enrich existing office systems with real-time data from your vehicles out in the field.

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