TomTom Telematics is partnering with SOTI to provide you with a Mobile Device Manager solution—MobiControl—that lets you manage the content of your TomTom PRO 8275 Driver Terminals. SOTI's Mobile Device Management solution MobiControl helps you to get the most out of your mobile workforce by managing apps, content, emails, and updates from one secure interface.

Features of using MobiControl with your TomTom PRO 8275 Driver Terminals:

Device enrollment

Enroll devices with your selected configuration.

Device provisioning

Set up a policy per user, roles, and groups.

Over the air control

Update apps, and change, reset, and lock your TomTom PRO 8275 devices over the air.

Location-based data management

Alert your driver or enable apps based on location or region.

Benefits for PRO 8275 users:

Save time

Drivers no longer need to come to an office location—update your devices with the built-in SIM card.

More control

Determine which user is using which apps.

Improve flexibility

Change configuration of your PRO 8275 at any time.

About SOTI

When you are looking for a Mobile Device Management solution, SOTI is the expert in the field. SOTI has been an industry leader in the Mobile Device Management market for over two decades. In fact, they helped define the market; starting with the remote management of Pocket PCs and Windows CE rugged devices, and evolving over the years to the lifecycle management of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and driving terminals.

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