Tailored for trucks

The GO 7000 TRUCK is tailor made for professional truck drivers, with all the features and functions they need to drive larger vehicles across longer distances. It features an integrated speaker and microphone for spoken directions and safer, hands-free voice commands. It also has an extended battery life for the hours you spend on the road; sophisticated navigation functions that find you the smartest route for your size of vehicle; Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free mobile calls; and real-time traffic information that keeps you one step ahead of the rest.

Smart routing

Diversions, rerouting, size restrictions... truck drivers face all kinds of delays every day that put them under pressure and leave your customers waiting. Ordinary navigation devices don't plan for slower, heavier, longer and wider vehicles. But the TomTom GO 7000 TRUCK does. It uses smart navigation technology to find truck drivers the best possible route for their size of vehicle.

Save time and money

The smart navigation technology in the GO 7000 TRUCK works with truck-friendly maps to find the best route for the vehicle and the time of day. These maps are marked with relevant information concerning maximum height and weight, access restrictions and more, so drivers don't waste time or fuel through being stuck, delayed or driving unnecessary distances. The GO 7000 TRUCK also helps to reduce the risk for drivers by directing them away from areas in which maneuvering large vehicles could be dangerous.

Connect to the office

As part of a TomTom WORKsmart™ solution, the GO 7000 TRUCK makes it easy for you to track, and communicate with your drivers. It sends data on mileage, working hours and driving time directly to the office, allowing fleet managers to optimize the efficiency of day-to-day operations. For example, the location of each truck is visible in real time, so they can always identify the best-placed driver for a job. The data can also be used to manage compliance with working time directives and other legal requirements.

Save time and money

There are many more things to consider when you're navigating a truck. Weight restrictions and size limits. Left turns are safer than right turns. Sharp angles are difficult. The list goes on. With the smart navigation technology on the GO 7000 TRUCK, all these factors are considered in route planning. So your trucks are always directed along the smartest route to their destinations.

Safer drivers

A satellite navigation device ensures that your drivers have fewer distractions, drive fewer miles and have lower stress levels. The GO 7000 TRUCK is especially reassuring for truck drivers, as it directs them away from areas in which maneuvering large vehicles could be dangerous. It also features spoken directions, hands-free calling support, safety camera alerts and advanced lane guidance for navigating tricky junctions.

Reliable service

No-one likes to stand around waiting for a truck to show up. But with the GO 7000 TRUCK, you can give customers a realistic ETA. That's because the route the truck follows is planned to avoid restrictions, so there should be no last-minute changes or detours. And the journey time itself is based on actual measured speeds for the road and the maximum allowed speed for the vehicle.

Easier compliance

With the GO 7000 TRUCK as part of a TomTom WORKsmart™ solution, it's so much easier to manage your legal obligations. Mileage is recorded automatically. Working hours are registered through the screen.

Drive with the latest and most up-to-date maps.

  • Nationwide U.S. map coverage with federal and state highway networks, and full, last-mile restriction coverage in 3,100 truck-relevant municipalities situated in more than 1,200 counties.
  • Canada nationwide map coverage and truck-specific coverage for the complete Trans-Canada Highway and provincial highway network, and more than 150 truck-relevant municipalities.

Map Share technology

Make corrections to your own map to help keep your device up to date.

Latest map guarantee

Start driving with the latest map - guaranteed! If a new map for your device is available within 90 days of first use, you can download that map once for free at http://telematics.tomtom.com/getstarted.

*You receive non-transferable traffic data and up to four non-transferable map data updates per year until the product's useful life expires or TomTom no longer receives map or traffic updates from its suppliers, whichever is shorter. Details and terms at www.tomtom.com/legal. Lifetime Traffic updates are available in the US and Canada only.

Full coverage (99.9%)

Czech RepublicDenmarkEstonia
PolandPortugalSan Marino
SlovakiaSloveniaSpain (incl. Canary Islands)
SwedenSwitzerlandVatican City
United Kingdom
(incl. Channel Islands)

Partial coverage

Russian Federation

Connector roads


HD Traffic

HD Traffic is a LIVE service that provides accurate traffic updates for highways, major and minor roads. It's simply the best traffic service available. It also gives you detailed incident reports, estimated delay times and alternative route proposals. So no matter what problems your drivers face on the road, HD Traffic will find a way around them.

Safety Cameras

The TomTom Safety Cameras service alerts drivers to 4,500 safety cameras stationed across the United States. When your drivers know for sure there's a safety camera up ahead, they'll drive more safely and avoid speeding fines. Which is good news for them, and excellent news for your business.


TomTom Weather gives you local daily and five-day forecasts on your TomTom device, helping you make plans based on the weather. You can also find out about road conditions to make sure you get to where you're going safely.

Start your journey faster with TomTom QuickGPSfix™

This intuitive service speeds up the time it takes to fix your GPS position, helping you to set off within 30 seconds - even when the GPS signal is weak or partially blocked.


TomTom Places helps drivers find whatever they're looking for, wherever they happen to be. Just type in any search word and the TomTom application will list all the hits in the local area, including the approximate distance from your present location. Select the one you want and the TomTom PRO will take you there. Simple.