TomTom LINK 105

Add-on device for fuel information

Small fleet management device – big impact

  • Real-time fuel monitoring
  • Carbon footprint reporting
  • Reports vehicle and engine diagnostic trouble codes
  • OptiDrive® 360 support
  • Fast installation to the vehicle’s OBD-II port
  • TomTom LINK 105 add-on device for fuel information. Works in combination with LINK 530 vehicle tracking device

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TomTom LINK 105 is an easy and effective way to retrieve important vehicle data. The vehicle data gives immediate insights in your fleet performance. The LINK 105 reports vehicle information such as fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and engine trouble codes. Fleet management solution WEBFLEET® provides useful reports and dashboards to take action.

In short, TomTom LINK 105 enables instant effective fleet management. The TomTom LINK 105 is easy to install. You can simply plug it into the standard vehicle OBD-II port of most light commercial vehicles.*

* The TomTom LINK 105 works in passenger cars and in light commercial vehicles. Contact us to make sure that your vehicles are compatible.

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