Vehicle tracking made easy

Due to its small size and smart design LINK 300 can be installed in the vehicle within minutes. Installation is effortless, the device can be installed inside the dashboard or on the windshield. All data gathered is represented in WEBFLEET on the map or in easy to interpret reports or Dashboards enabling you to make the right business decisions.

Vehicle data access

The LINK 300 is your connection to the vehicle. Registering every movement it provides accurate data on the vehicle position, trip information, standstill times, mileage and driving behavior. Enabling you to analyze and optimize vehicle use, resulting in significant cost savings and risk reduction.

Real-time tracking

Thanks to the LINK 300, you'll always know where your vehicles are. Just log in to WEBFLEET and view the location of everyone in your fleet, right there on the map. The information is refreshed every minute, so you can see who's moving and plot snail trails of the journeys. As new work comes in, you can assign it to the best placed driver for the job.

Added security

The round-the-clock monitoring provided by the LINK 300 increases the security of the vehicle and the person driving it. By recording ignition on/off events, you'll know if the driver has been an unusually long time away from the vehicle, for example. You can track the location of a possibly stolen vehicle. Or monitor speed and driving behavior, and take action if you feel someone is driving dangerously.

TomTom WORKsmart™

The LINK 300 connects to the driver's navigation device using Bluetooth™. And as part of a WORKsmart™ solution, it makes time management and job dispatch much easier and quicker. Fleet managers can run a smoother operation thanks to two-way text communications, automated status updates, reliable arrival times and more.