Reliable positioning

It's very reassuring to have permanent contact with your drivers, no matter how far away they are. With the LINK 300, you know exactly where every vehicle is at any moment of the day. The powerful, integrated GSM/GPRS module is always connected to the office, even under the most difficult conditions. And the integrated GPS antenna ensures you have a highly accurate location for the vehicle nearly all the time.

Mileage Log function

The LINK 300 makes it easy to record a vehicle's mileage. Drivers just take a few seconds to register their mileage as business, private or commute on a TomTom input device. The information is sent straight to the office and accessed through WEBFLEET as required for accounting, tax records, maintenance scheduling and more. This reduces the administrative burden on drivers and office staff while providing valuable insight for those trying to cut costs and boost productivity.

Behavior monitoring

The LINK 300 is equipped with an acceleration sensor that registers when your vehicle is being driven in a dangerous or financially wasteful way. You can monitor and track these incidents on WEBFLEET, establish your own benchmarks for a safer, greener driving style and measure individuals and groups against these levels. This will keep your drivers safer while reducing your operating costs through lower fuel bills and maintenance charges.

Part of WORKsmart™ fleet management

With so many dispersed drivers to manage, it can be hard to know what each one is doing. But the LINK 300 makes it easy. Used as part of a WORKsmart™ solution, you can use it to track the location of each vehicle in real time, to identify the best placed driver for a job. You can gather and manage the working hours of all drivers and their passengers, to identify time management issues such as unnecessary overtime. And you can have at-a-glance information on the driving style, carbon footprint and idle time of every vehicle you have on the road, to see where fuel is being wasted.