LINK 530

LINK 530

With this vehicle tracking device, always connected to your vehicles on the road.

  • Permanently installed into the vehicle for reliable vehicle tracking
  • Monitors driving behavior
  • Fits into any vehicle
  • Add-on functionality easily available

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LINK 530 Technical specification

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DimensionsBody: 4.76 x 2.22 x 0.85 inches
Body with Holder: 4.76 x 2.68 x 1.00 inches
Weight and materialBody: 3.3 ounces, PC/ABS
Holder: 0.5 ounces, PC/ABS
EnvironmentEnvironmental sealing: IP20
Operating temperature: -22°F to +158°F
Storage temperature: -40°F to +176°F
Supply voltage12V/24V (min. 9V to max. 30V)
Current consumptionAt 14V: typically < 50mA
At 28V: typically < 30mA
Standby: typically < 1mA
During data transmission14V < 150mA
14V < 100mA
Fuse ProtectionOperating voltage* 9V - 30V to be fused with max. 10A
Ignition to be fused with max. 10A
*Internally fused with 2A, fuse is not resettable or replaceable, fuse must be replaced by TomTom Telematics only
GPS antenna connector for external GPS antenna (optional accessory)SMB (male) - (Antenna female), for use with GPS antenna from TomTom Telematics only
Supply voltage range 3.3V
Minimum antenna gain at 3V: 20dB
Maximum antenna gain: 40dB
Maximum noise rating: 1.5dB
GSM antenna connector for external GSM antenna
(optional accessory)
SMB (male) - (antenna - female), for use with GSM antenna from TomTom Telematics only
Inputs2 x digital inputs, ignition input
Output1 x digital output
Mobile NetworksIntegrated mobile network module intended for connection to one or more of the following mobile network frequencies: 850/900/1800/1900/2100 MHz
GPS ModuleIntegrated antenna and receiver
BluetoothIntegrated Bluetooth (class 2) for connection to TomTom PRO device and other TomTom accessories like the Remote LINK and the LINK 105

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