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Reliability is everything in your line of work. And time is your major opponent. Avoid traffic jams and narrow roads, and get time on your side with the TomTom PRO 5150 TRUCK LIVE.

Truck-friendly directions, live traffic warnings and easy admin keep you in control. So your customers can trust you'll be there as promised. And you can be proud of a truly professional service.

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 This product is not available anymore. Please have a look in our products section to get to know the latest products.

Truck-friendly routes and traffic info save drivers time on the road, cut journey times and improve reliability. But the benefits don't end there - if you manage a fleet, the PRO 5150 TRUCK LIVE will help you back in the office too. Pair the device up with our online WEBFLEET® service for a full fleet management solution.

Cut costs on fuel and maintenance

Once you can see what's happening across the fleet, you can take action to drive down fuel and maintenance costs.

Business benefits
  • Promote a green driving style and let your fleet save fuel with Active Driver Feedback.
  • Prevent breakdowns of your trucks by scheduling maintenance task effectively.

Improve your order and job dispatch processes

Impress customers with your reliable and efficient operation using the smart order dispatch processes and practices.

Business benefits
  • Proof your performance with reliable and easy-to-use reports.
  • Ensure your drivers get clear instructions by sending job details and texts to their TomTom devices.
  • Plan routes and feed them through to your drivers' devices.

Keep your fleet safe and within the law

With detailed, real-time information on your fleet close to hand, it's easier to keep your staff safe and your business compliant with the law.

Business benefits
  • See the real-time location and working hours of your drivers.
  • Schedule jobs to comply with working time laws.
  • Get detailed information on fuel levels and detect fuel theft.

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