TomTom PRO 7250

The TomTom PRO 7250 All-in-one device combines fleet management and navigation. Your reliable connection to your drivers and vehicles.

  • Best-in-class navigation and fleet management
  • Connects to WEBFLEET® via TomTom LINK
  • Logs miles driven
  • OptiDrive® 360 support
  • Optional fuel efficiency management

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Best-in-class navigation technology

Best-in-class navigation technology
TomTom Traffic*
Always know the fastest way to your customers.
Interactive Map
The world at the fingertips of your drivers.
Lifetime Maps
Your drivers always have access to the latest maps.
3D Maps
More detail for drivers to know more about where they are.
IQ Routes
The fastest routes and most accurate ETAs. Save costs.
Your drivers can start navigating in seconds.
Advanced Lane Guidance
Extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions.
All-in-one device
Combines fleet management and navigation

* Requires a subscription.

Connected to WEBFLEET® online fleet management via TomTom LINK enables:

OptiDrive® 360
Real-time feedback and advice promote safe and efficient driving.
Order management
Manage orders on your device.
Two-way text communication between drivers and the office.
Vehicle Tracking
Always know where your vehicles are.
Mileage Log
Keep accurate and reliable mileage records.
Working Time
Record working hours with a fingertip.
Enrich existing office systems with real-time data from your mobile devices out in the field, such as barcode readers, digital pens, and more.

LINK (Classic)

LINK 220

LINK 300

LINK 310

LINK 530

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