TomTom PRO 8275M

Tailor your drivers' device for your business with the TomTom PRO 8275M customizable all-in-one fleet management and navigation device.


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*Connectivity is not included – either respective WEBFLEET LIVE tariff needed or bring your own connectivity.

Open Platform for Customizable Business Applications

The PRO.connect SDK enables you to customize the WEBFLEET workflow:

The PRO.connect SDK provides everything you need to develop business applications, including:
  • Extend
    Add steps to your WEBFLEET workflow.

  • Checklist
    Digitize every step of your workflow.

  • Question Path
    For vehicle checks, driver reporting, and more.

  • Scanning
    Send barcodes, RFID, or documents to the office.

  • Digital Signature
    Obtain digital signatures to prove delivery.

  • Driver ID
    Monitor working hours and movements.

How to use TomTom PRO 8275M

The TomTom PRO 8275M driver terminal is ideal for the Service & Maintenance and Delivery & Logistics sectors. Built to aid the driver and enhance workflow, the driver terminal has a built in camera and integrated cellular connectivity*, as well as an open platform that can be customized with 3rd party Apps to capture and integrate data from the field into back office systems such as: load, materials, job status to enable more efficient processes such as real-time invoicing.

*Bring your own connectivity

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